2nd Annual San Gennaro
Dinner Dance

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The San  Gennaro  Festival Society of  Port St Lucie, Inc.,  is proud to  Announce  the  2nd  Annual  Dinner  Dance was a success.

   San Gennaro Celebration Dinner Dance September 19th, 2015

The  2nd  Annual  San  Gennaro  Dinner  Dance last night was a success!        The  Committee  would like to thank  all of you who attended.

Mass  was beautiful  &  San Gennaro was in God's house at Holy Family Catholic Church.    Following Mass we went to the Church Hall for our Social Hour.   By the time Dinner was served we were packed.   D J  Louie provided  a  variety of music including Italian Favorites.   However,  our live  entertainer  for the event  was  an Italian Singer and he was outstanding. Forgive me for not stating his name.   I need to get the correct spelling from Rose Arciprete.
I'll report the information later.

Our 50/50  winner,  Phil,  walked  away  with  $162.00,   but  then decided to give the San Gennaro Committee half of it. Thank you Phil for your generosity and God Bless You.

I  would  like  to  thank  our   volunteers  who served our sit down
dinner  starting  with  the  director,   Peppe Mozzillo,   A J Borges,
Taylor, and Gail Storms.

Our  Bartenders,  John Lou  and  Maria  Arciprete, were the best.
The  50/50  table was  attended to  by Annie, Sandra, Rose. And finally, our Door Greeters were  Bernadette,  Sandra  and  Rose.

Catering by Alfonso's Pizza & Pasta of Port St Lucie and Desert catered by St. Lucie Bakery on Morningside in Port St Lucie.

Enjoy  the  photos and  please  plan  to  attend  next  year.    Your attendance or direct donations helps us to give away 100% of our profits to our local church food banks. We feed those in need right her in St. Lucie County. 

If any of you would like to become a member of the San Gennaro Festival Society of  Pt.  St.  Lucie,   please  feel free to contact us through our website or speak with any committee members.

God Bless You All.













All 100% of the profits from all of our events go to feeding our neighbors in need right here in St. Lucie County through the food pantries at the Catholic Churches.

Thank you for your continued support.

Sandra Liscio




A BIG Thank You to all our Raffle Supporters.  Without them we couldn't have so many give aways.  Guests purchased Raffle tickets for $1.00 and got great prizes.  The raffle give-aways have a value of $776.00.

Afonson's Pizza & Pasta, Perfect Pro Inc., Red Lobster, Cottage Grill, Perkins, Hair Express, Chuck E Cheese, Sophisticuts, Seacoast National Bank, San Gennaro Committee, Massage Therapeutic and Supreme Meats.


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Click here to make a tax deductible donation to the San Gennaro Festival Society.  All the support we have received paid for our new San Gennaro Statute.  Now we can continue our work of helping to feed those in need right here in St. Lucie County. 
      We are a 501(c)3 tax deductible Florida Corp.   If you make a donation directly to the website and would like a tax deductible receipt just let us know and one will be provided.  
        Thanks for your continued support and see you at the San Gennaro Festival. 

If you have any questions or need further information please call:
                                 Sandra 772-465-2748
                                 Rose     772-475-7823
                                 Jack     772-215-0331


                                                       Our Mission Statement
The  Committee  Members  of  the  San  Gennaro Festival of Port St Lucie,  promote our  Italian Culture, Catholic Faith,  heritage, our music,  dance  and the arts. As a charitable organization and descendants of Italians, our goals are maintaining the Annual San Gennaro Festival Society Scholarship for a graduating senior in St. Lucie County. We support the Treasure Coast Food Bank of St. Lucie County, the local soup kitchen sponsored by several area  churches, and  Families in Need  for Thanksgiving  and  Christmas  for dinner and gifts. No committee members, directors or officers of the San Gennaro Festival Society of Port St Lucie, Inc. are paid employees. Proud to be a 501(c)3 organization with 100% of all  profits going to support the charitable organizations noted above.
Proud to Be a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit Florida Corporation
Our Motto:
                 No  Paid Employees, Only Dedicated Volunteers!!!

The  San  Gennaro  Festival  Society  of  Port  St. Lucie, Inc.,  is  a  proud sponsor of  the annual  Port  St  Lucie  Festival  Italiano.    Sponsoring this event helps us fund our 100% Not-for-Profit organizations activities for families in need right here in our local community.







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